Healing Therapies

Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life-force energy. It is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique that was rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan. The Usui Method of Natural Healing has been passed down by Reiki Masters since that time and is today practiced worldwide.

Anyone can benefit from a Reiki Healing Treatment, whether one is dealing with the daily stresses of life or a major health challenge. The setting is peaceful and pleasant with soft music playing. The recipient is fully clothed (removing only shoes, jewelry, glasses) and lies face-up on a padded table. As the recipient relaxes into deep breathing, the treatment begins and will normally last an hour. Cost $60  (Love Offering Accepted)

Reflexology is based on the concept that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all parts of the body. Applying pressure to these reflexes relieves stress and tension, improves nerve and blood supply, and helps the body to normalize. Using pressure points on the feet and hands to stimulate healing is not new and dates back to more than 5,000 years ago in China, Japan, and Egypt. Reflexology is a natural way to promote health and well-being. Foot Reflexology Treatment  –  Cost $60  (Love Offering Accepted)

To schedule an appointment for a healing treatment, please contact  Jan Walker  505-835-5440 or email asmjan@a0l.com with (your choice of treatment) in the subject line.

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