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Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life-force energy. It is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique that was rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan.  The Usui Method of Natural Healing has been passed down by Reiki Masters since that time and is today practiced worldwide.

The Reiki I class includes guided meditation, spiritual attunements, history of Reiki, and learning basic hand positions for treatment.            Cost  $175   After completing this class, the student will be certified as a Reiki I Healing Practitioner. Deposit is $25 to reserve your space in this class.

Upcoming Reiki I Class – To Be Announced

The Reiki II class includes guided meditation, spiritual attunements, and learning sacred symbols and how to use them for Absentee Healing and Mental/Emotional Healing.  Students who have mastered First Degree Reiki will be considered.  Cost  $200    After completing this class, the student will be certified as a Reiki II Healing Practitioner.  Deposit is $25 to reserve your space in this class.

The Reiki III class, includes students demonstrating their proficiency in Levels I and II, Reiki Master Initiation, learning to give attunements for all three levels, and instruction for teaching.  Cost  $500   After completing this class, the student will be certified as a Reiki Master; and for those guided, the path of Teacher begins its unfoldment.  Deposit is $50 to reserve your space in this class.

To register for a class, please contact Jan Walker 770-658-7323 or email with Reiki Class in the subject line.

“My Reiki I Practitioner training class with Jan was incredible.  Learning about the history of Reiki, its founder and hearing stories about Reiki healing and the benefits were truly inspiring.  However, I must say it was the Attunement ceremony that had the most lasting effect on me.  It was without a doubt one of the most profound spiritual experiences I have ever experienced.  The experience is really difficult to explain in words, but I can only describe the feeling as one of total bliss and joy.  It’s an experience that I am still in awe and trying to process.  Jan is an extremely loving and caring Master Teacher.  I look forward to continuing my training with Jan and I would highly recommend her class to anyone looking to become a Reiki Practitioner/Master.”                                                                                    Robin Raye ~ Decatur, Georgia

Dear Jan, Mark and I have wasted no time in putting our Reiki II attunements to work.  We both use the absentee (remote) healing technique daily – the need seems endless! It’s wonderful to have this new ‘tool’ to work with.  There is such a profound sense of sacredness in this work; a feeling that isn’t confined to just the ‘doing’ of the healing work, but one that flows over into all other aspects of my life.  I am truly grateful to you, not only as a teacher who provides us with the opportunity to learn the sacred art of Reiki, but for your loving spirit as well.  With love and gratitude,  Janice Barrett ~ Town Creek, Alabama

As I walked through the Huntsville airport I scanned the terminal for my Reiki teacher, Jan.  I passed a woman that looked familiar but she was tiny and memories of Jan were of a tall woman that bowed to me as I exited the attunement space of Reiki classes.  The impression she left on me was striking.  Her form is small but her ability to work with powerful healing energies helped me see the energy behind physical form that can work through us if we allow it. 

Teachers influence us.  Some teachers help us grow and change.  And then there are teachers like Jan that bring through their highest self to help us transform our lives.  Reflecting back on my life, I find at the core a few individuals with whom I can truthfully say help create lasting change in my life.  Through Reiki classes, receiving energy treatments, and my ministerial ordination, Jan has been a loving companion, friend, and mentor exhibiting the true meaning of living true to the promise to put her life’s work as the primary goal of life and take leaps of faith that support her calling to be a minister and teacher to further positive planetary change.

Like all of us, Jan has wounds to heal and does so with courage, dedication and a sense of wonder.  These qualities inspire students to take leaps into their own, inner processes of healing.  Love, between a teacher and her students, grows as they share experiences.  She readily acknowledges the catalysts students are for her own evolution as a healer and teacher . . . and regular human being.  Those who claim to be powerful teachers rarely are, while those who stand quietly and patiently awaiting their next ‘assignment’ are the powerhouses of wisdom.  With deep gratitude I celebrate my friend, teacher and wise woman, Jan Walker – a powerhouse of wisdom open to being a channel for the Divine Intelligence.”                                                       Simone Lipscomb ~ North Carolina Mountains

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Spiritual Enrichment Classes 

1 – The Heart of Prayer  –  Prayer is communion with the Divine and this communion takes place in the Sacred Heart of our being.  We’ll be working with our breath, our voices, our bodies, our minds and our hearts, circling and spiraling into the One Heart of us all.   Next class TBA   * Heart of Prayer is a prerequisite for The Power of Prayer

2 – The Power of Prayer  –  We all have this Great Power within us that is eternal, universal, and unlimited.  And the way we harness and utilize this Power is through our channels of prayer – the Power of the Spoken Word, the Power of Imagination, the Power of the Heart.       

To register for The Heart of Prayer class, contact Jan Walker 770-658-7323 or email with Heart of Prayer in the subject line.  Classes will be held at TBA location  OR  in an appropriate location of your choice if you have a group that would be interested.

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 Circle of Light for Lightworkers

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