Ceremonies & Blessings

The ritual of ceremony brings the sacred into our significant life passages. Wedding….Memorial….Blessings for a Home or Business….are among the ceremonies created for your particular need.


Weddings ~

“Jan wrote absolutely beautiful vows for our wedding that truly captured our spiritual, passionate love for one another.  She is someone that both my husband and I adore greatly.  From the moment I first met her, I could tell she was someone that was deeply in touch with her inner spirit.  She is a truly special person that will bring peace and love to any ceremony.”      ~  Keri Cavitt   Huntsville, AL

“It was an honor for us to have you perform our ceremony.  We had at least 30 compliments on your service and we’ll never be able to thank you enough for such a beautiful wedding.  I hope this donation helps your ministry further help others.  You are an angel and we thank you!”       ~  Kim & Donnie Holmes   Huntsville, AL

Memorials ~

“We can’t tell you enough how much your beautiful service meant to us.  It was truly heartfelt and couldn’t have been more perfect.”                        ~ Mary Phillips  Birmingham, AL

“How truly wonderful to make a new friend, and right when I needed one the most.  Your gifts of ministry and empathy have helped me and my family more than you’ll ever know.  I loved the way you showed concern over making the service speak to us and for us.  Thank you for giving us your time and part of yourself.  We shall treasure this gift immensely.”    ~  Sue Champaigne  Titusville, FL                                              (service held in Niagra Falls, NY)

House Blessings ~

I have been blessed to know Jan for years. When I moved into my new home, I knew I wanted Jan to bless my home. She and a friend came over and we enjoyed the most beautiful ceremonial blessing! Her thoughtfulness and love are still felt throughout my home even after years have past. I will always remember her loving spirit and grace and will always be grateful!”    ~ Amy Thornton   Madison, AL

“After spending a week with grandchildren visiting in our home, we were physically and emotionally spent from their ongoing bickering and fighting. The energy in our home after they left affected our sleep with bad dreams and restless sleep. I finally called Jan to see if she would come and clear out the residual negativity that had been left behind. She allowed us to participate in the clearing process and followed that with a lovely House Blessing. We immediately felt lighter and calmer. With peace at last restored in the house, we slept soundly with no more bad dreams. Thank you, Jan!”    ~ Renee Nichols   Lawrenceville, GA




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