Jan Walker – Bio

Growing up in a traditional Christian faith gave me a religious foundation that most of us get in our respective cultures.  As a young teen I began questioning what didn’t make sense to my heart.  In my mid-twenties, I attended a Unity church and heard for the first time that I had a spark of divinity within me and my heart leapt with joy.  I also noticed that different cultures and faiths were attending this late afternoon Sunday service.  I soaked up the metaphysical studies and a few years later studied A Course In Miracles, a spiritual psychological study that helps one shift from the perception of the ego to that of our indwelling Holy Spirit, our higher self.  Unity had brought me a deeper understanding of Christian spirituality and A Course In Miracles had given me the tools that began a healing process from within.  Both allowed me to expand my consciousness which has continued to unfold from that time on.  Expansion is part of creation and our natural spiritual evolution.

While I have always felt a connection with God/Spirit my whole life, there were certainly times I felt disconnected.  My spiritual path and my healing path have been intertwined throughout my adult life and I believe that you can’t completely fulfill one without the other; that is, until we fully awaken.

Thirty years ago when I was living in Birmingham, Alabama I had a friend who had cancer.  She was still working full time and I would go visit her once a week and when she mentioned that her back was hurting, I wanted to do something to help and offered to rub her back.  I very gently rubbed her back as we sat on her sofa and talked.  Whenever she spoke, my hands were moving and whenever I spoke, my hands were still (‘can’t walk and chew gum at the same time’ as the saying goes).  Sometime later we were visiting at her parent’s home and I heard her telling her family, “Jan has such healing hands”.  I later asked her what she meant by that.  She told me that whenever I rubbed her back, when I kept my hands still, the pain went away.  I was stunned . . . . and thrilled, just like when I first heard there was something good within me (a spark of divinity).  This opened a door that eventually lead to Reiki and soon after that training came massage therapy school and my own private practice.

I had been ordained in 1991 and while I knew I didn’t want to have a church, I wasn’t sure where my path would lead me.  It was a year later that I was guided to begin a full-time, four-month intensive program at the Atlanta School of Massage.  I was living in Huntsville, Alabama during this time and began my massage therapy and Reiki practice in 1992 and began teaching Reiki in 1993.  I realized that this work was part of my ministry.

It was in 2000 that I was guided to form my own ministry and Awakening Spirit Ministries was born and became a non-profit organization established as a spiritual ministry.  In January 2001 I created my first ceremony to dedicate and consecrate this ministry and my closest friends attended.  The following weekend I officiated my first wedding ceremony for one of these dear friends.  I continued doing healing work, teaching Reiki classes, and officiating weddings when requested.   I created my first ordination ceremony in 2004 when I was guided to ordain a woman who was on a strong spiritual path; we had first met 11 years earlier when she began her Reiki training.  In 2005 I officiated my first memorial service for a friend’s neighbor.  And when another friend moved to a new home, she asked me to come do a blessing, and that’s when I created my first house blessing.  When Spirit opened a door, I walked through it;  sometimes without hesitation, and other times I would try to find the back door!

After living in Huntsville for 21 years, I moved to Georgia to be close to family again.  In 2011  I began a ministerial program that I created as it went along.  I had a general sense of its structure at the beginning, but the rest came together as we went along.  The whole process amazed me as it felt like an initiation.  I ordained this first group in April 2012.

I love creating sacred space for others to experience healing, inspiration, ceremony and gatherings.  I’ve had a vision for many years of having a place, a retreat center in a glorious nature setting that offers delicious, fresh, healthy food and a wonderful indoor gathering space that I see as a rounded room with large windows so that one feels the connection with nature while indoors.  And, of course, outdoor gathering space, including one with a fire pit, and hiking trails with magical places for people to enjoy.

So even if my work has me traveling to other places, I would love to have a place to bring people together, a sacred space for us to grow and share together.  I see other Lightworkers coming to this place to share their gifts, or to come and replenish their energies.  It truly is a glorious place and I look forward to its manifestation!

September 2014